When I am not here…

…I am scribbling in my journal. Yes, I call it a journal and not a blog because it is more intimate. It is about an experience that is life changing…motherhood! Yes, I am a first time mommy of an adorable boy and I am recording my journey from pregnancy to motherhood and beyond in a journal. From parenting rants, to every day adventures with the little man, book reviews, toy revies and children’s activities, I am documenting everything that we experience.

If you have had enough of this space and want to know more about the new language that I am learning, feel free to come On-board the Mommyship

I am a little a social media enthusiast and so when I am not doing anything else, I am socialising! 🙂 Here is a round up of all my social media profiles, feel free to connect. 🙂


I find not one, but two Twitter handles. Find me, follow me => @Rituparna_Ghosh @VeesMother

FInd me on Facebook

On-board the Mommyship is on Facebook. It’s a place where I discuss everything parenting. What’s not on the blog is on the FB Page.

PinterestI find Pinterest a wonderful, wonderful tool! It is a much better way to sort everything that I like, keeping them in one place to view, share and review. On Pinterest I am share everything that fancies me, from news, to books, decor, travel, parenting, food, social media and writing.


I am a shutter happy person. I love capturing moments, memories, sights and smiles. So head over to my Instagram page to look up my images.

google plus

If you have managed to read to till now and connect on all platforms above, here is one last bit. I am fairly new to this platform, and I am still discovering Google +. For whatever it is worth, feel free to add me to your circle.


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