About Me

Oh! I was a full time television producer…you know the usual kinds, chasing deadlines, working on creatives, shows, documentaries round the clock and prided myself at being such a workaholic. I am the world’s most lazy writer. I love to write, and almost all day is spent in imagining that perfect beginning to my book that haunts me forever. While I have taken my professional avatar very seriously, I have often ignored all those things that keep me happy. I wrote, or rather struggled to keep writing…I have given up my writing enterprise several times in the past. While I have moved to a more defined identity with this blog, it is because I have decided to enjoy the little things in life…and keep scribbling!

A free spirit, a woman, a foodie, a lover of life, a loyal friend, an efficient employee (as soon as I find a job), a good wife, a great kid and a happy human being…and a terrific mom (yes, I compliment myself all the time because that’s the only to escape the insecurities that creep in with motherhood!) I love my films and books and nurse a secret ambition! I talk a lot and really I only shut up when I’m writing or thinking about what to write. So this engagement of writing a blog is to keep myself working and discovering something new everyday…and in the process sharing my growing up!

What to expect from me and this blog? Nothing…come back to it for some carefree reading…!

P.S: I also run a Mommy Blog at http://onboardthemommyship.wordpress.com/ Please feel to drop in there.