BiC 2014 November 19: The Peacock’s Tale with Rituparna Ghosh

Going to The Shriram Millennium School in Noida was a morning full of surprises. We were told that the numbers had swelled! We were expecting 77 children and when the kids setted down, in I saw 200 pairs of twinkling eyes looking at me full with expectation!

The sore throat kept scratching my voice, but the performance was wonderful!

Here is what lovely Wendy, the Bookaroo volunteer had to say about the session.



What a delight to see so many children having such fun! The storyteller Rituparna Ghosh captured the attention of teachers and students alike with a rapid fire quiz on bird facts. The young ones were eager to show their knowledge and it turned out that they were pretty good at bird impressions too. Rituparna screeched like a crow and cooed like a pigeon, hooted like an owl and cock-a-doodled us all awake. The children were very keen to join in and when divided into sections to all make different bird noises at the same time, the cacophony was just like a real jungle.

After this excitement all settled down to listen to the tale of who was to become leader of the birds in the jungle. All of the birds boasted of their talents and vied for position but only the peacock quietly showed what he could do. By dancing…

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