Secret Blog Elf – 2013 => Blog Review: Chapters From My Life

When it comes to blogging, I always thank my good sense. Thank God, I read some good blogs early on. Thank God, I found inspiration in what I read. Thank God, I chose to write. And Thank God, I made bloggers my friends.

Farida Rizwan is just one of them.


Chapters From My Life

Farida has named her blog Chapters From My Life, and rightly so. She says, “Life came to me in form of chapters. Every chapter linked to the other in its own unique way. I take time to study the chapters in order to learn my lessons from them. Every simple small chapter has something to tell me, some secret to reveal, and some hidden message to be told. Here, I share with my readers the lessons I learn from my life through my blog.”

In 2012 I was invited by BlogAdda to judge a contest by them and I happened to read Farida’s wonderful entry for a contest. What struck me about Farida’s writing was her degree of honesty. As a writer and blogger, I always test my words with the emotions I feel. Yes there are contentious issues, thoughts and events that I want to write about. But I can never match her level of honesty and truthfulness even if I tried. Farida and I connected on Facebook and I continue to read her wonderful blog.

A cancer-survivor, a parent to a child with special needs, Farida’s life’s lessons is truly humbling and inspirational. I have picked up several threads from her posts. Some that have left me awed. There were some those made me believe that life is not about the aches and pains. It is about the recovery and fight for survival. There are some chapters that have made my own life a trifling. And some others that have made me thank God for all that I have.

Farida’s is a special life, and I strongly believe that she is a very special person. Being different is special. And accepting oneself with dignity and fortitude is truly commendable.  Here she talks about her darling daughter Farheena. As a mother of a happy, healthy baby, all I can say that inspires me to be a better mom.  There are lessons in parenting too. I believe that parenting is a personal matter. What works for me may not be true for another person. But when I read Farida’s take on parenting I know she talks from the heart. They are the words of a parent that has seen much more than what I imagine is ahead of me. Farida’s husband works in Dubai and she as a single parent raises her children almost by herself. To me, that is a great strength of character.

From her posts, here and there I have also gathered that Farida’s isn’t a usual marriage. Her views on marriage, religion, companionship and co-parenting are also very different from what we traditionally know or assume about Muslim families. And just for that Farida is a special blogger.

Farida’s tryst with cancer and her battle with the disease is an eye opener. I remember reading her blog after my best friend fought the disease. Farida’s mind is a battlefield and she has an amazing story to tell. Long before Angelina Jolie and her double mastectomy made the world sit up and laud her courage of coming out, we have our own Farida Rizwan sharing the positivity of good health and a happy life.

Farida is also an active voice against child sexual abuse. Her thoughtful creative images are thoughtful.

An active blogger, Farida’s posts have won several contests. Simple, evocative, thoughtful and always honest, Farida is the kind of writer that I love and respect.

This Christmas, I play the Secret Blog Elf – 2013 on Indiblogeshwaris.


8 thoughts on “Secret Blog Elf – 2013 => Blog Review: Chapters From My Life

  1. I agree with everything you’ve said about Farida’s blog. The lady inspires me also. She truly is amazingly courageous!

    Good going secret Elf! Merry Christmas!

  2. Thank you Rituparna, for the amazing review of my blog as a secret elf. Though I am a very confusing person, it looks like you have come very close to completely understanding me. I am touched by your words.

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