I Wish Someone Told Me…

…that my son will be hooked to gadgets no sooner he turns one! It’s one thing to watch an occasional nursery rhyme, or hear a story (we are still exploring the ipad for kiddie entertainment), its quite another to point at it at all times and throw a fit if it’s taken away!

What was my childhood like?

I don’t remember the radio at home. But I remember a gramaphone. Rabindra Sangeet, some Bollywood melodies and some vintage rock, if I remember right. There was hardly a thing for me in there. Then came the tape recorder, Maa tells me Baba had taped me crying. How sadistic could they be! I remember, by the time my brother came along, Baba would occasionally play a cassette where someone called Preeti Sagar. And that was really our world! Television as a mode of entertainment was more dynamic. I remember watching Jungle Book and then reading the original book! Yes there was the Ramayana, then Mahabharata…but then there was also He Man and Vikram Betaal and who can forget Street Hawk? This was my childhood! At least how I remember it. The first animation film that became part of my growing up story was Aladdin. Yes, I had seen the Mickey Mouse and other Walt Disney toons earlier…but then this was real animation, right?

For the longest time I kept V away from television. But as he is growing up, I realise it’s good to get acquainted to television a little here and there. So while meal times are a strict no-no, TV for him until now has been what his parents watch. Only recently have I switched on the television to watch some kiddie channels. How do kids (as young as V who is just one) know that these channels are meant for him? Is it the colors, the animation, or the sound?

Just as he started noticing the Ipad as a source of entertainment, he has learnt to throw a fit for it. And why not? Rhymes, songs and stories…everything is so interactive! By now V knows when the little boy in the rhyme will clap his hands, and what he can tap to make the cow say “moo-oo”! Signs of great observation and intelligence? I don’t know…but I know that he is getting used to it. Hand him a phone he is the happiest. Show him his own video and pictures and he loves it. Let him come close to a laptop and he’ll beat me at the typing speed. He fiddles with the TV remote, tugs at his father’s iPhone and knows that his nanny cannot operate the iPad!

Just when I was wondering what it would be to bring up a child in tech-infested homes and lifestyles, I came upon a post by Prerna Malik. Oh! How I am waiting for the boy to grow up…how I want to experiment…how I want him to see the world outside gadgets!

For the time being, it’s a nightmare to keep our gadgets away from his tiny fingers.I hope the child goes back to traditional modes of play, education and entertainment. I don’t mind the iPad or computer be an added tool in his life, but I’d seriously freak out if these become his only source of edutainment in life!

Mommies with babies…what has been your experience? Any tips and pearls of advice to calm my nerves?

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