So, have you found a job?

Errr…I am a little fatigued by this question by now! I know, I’ve been ‘jobless’ for nearly a year (since most people consider ML as being a break and that which wasn’t in my case)! There were those well-wishers who pinched their noses for going on a ML in my 8th month…then crossed their brows when I extended my ML until V turned 6 months…and sighed in exasperation when I quit 2 weeks later…and continue to shake their heads since by now I have ‘failed’ to find a flexi-job that suits me and my family…I have very little to present as my defence! What can I say…there’s no respect for a Stay-at-Home-Mother! Blah!

So, just for them…here is a pretty little fact that goes in my favour! Who pays me for this, I wonder!


What Is A Stay At Home Mom

p.s: My husband has been the most supportive man I could have found! He has supported me, and my decision, endured my motherly pangs, run the house on a single salary and never cribbed about it…what can I say…he’s not a ‘well-wisher’ for me then! :p 



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