Why everyone should go on a Maternity Break!

I extended mine. Thankfully, a baby is a great excuse to force oneself into a break. A break from work, domesticity or whatever you do is a blessing in disguise! Don’t we all go on holidays every now and then? And how we crave for them…! My 6 months of maternity leave have been one of the most awesome periods of my life…and I am willing to go through it all over again! *I hope my husband is not reading this*

1) The Baby!

Obviously, the baby is the best part of a maternity break! You enjoy holding a newborn, ‘a part of you’ as they say very poignantly. There is a reason why most maternity breaks are for 3 months. A baby in the first three months grows rapidly, learns to connect with the world around her / him, perceives one’s surroundings and from a featherless bird becomes a swan! The baby still needs a mother, but by now the Mommy’s office needs her more! *rolls eyes*

2) Get back to your bookshelf

I finished 12 books in these 6 months! Well, it’s another thing that I finished the first 7 in the first two months before my son was born! Finishing the remaining 5 wasn’t too tough either. A word of advice to new mommies wishing to go back to reading, please wait for the first month to pass, you’ll be too tired to even see the day pass! I wish I could just read, read and read all my life! *sigh*

3) Guilt-free eating

Yes, that’s a big take away! I didn’t have hunger pangs, neither did I have the famed cravings…but then maternity gave me the liberty to eat delectable delicacies! Thanks to the two baby showers that I got, the foodie in me was happily pampered. But now, I have to hit the road to loose all that flab! The stress hasn’t bothered me yet…the battle of the bulge will begin all over again! *hides face*

4) Attention Please!

You are the cynosure everywhere you go! Everyone will try and make you comfortable. People will call you every now and then, text messages and visitors dropping by to see your bump and give you advice on how to handle your delivery…I’ve been there and seen it all! The attention of course transfers to your baby once she / he arrives! For instance, my son is now my passport to my parents’ house! I don’t have an entry without him!! *just imagine*

5) Stress Free Life

I don’t have to bother about grocery. Neither do I have to worry about what to cook today! If the cylinder runs out, I don’t have to change it. If the weather is wet, I don’t have to worry about the laundry. It’s really good to breathe easy sometimes. I also picked up crochet…the most girlie thing I have done in my life, besides having a baby, of course!! And yes, I watched TV…soaps, films I have watched countless times and music!  *sigh of relief*

6) Maa Baap Ka Pyaar

I chose to have my baby at my parents’. My husband too supported my decision. And in all these 6 months that I have been here, I have never regretted it! It’s like knowing your parents all over again. I left home (for studies) more than a decade back and in all these years I’ve never spent as much time with them as I have done now. It’s good to be a baby all over again. I may be a mother now, but I cannot stop being their daughter ever. *smile*

7) Fall in Love

Yes, this too happens. Distances make hearts fonder, right? Staying away from the husband has been a bitter-sweet experience. While I worried about the cook bunking work every other day, my heart melted every time Aniruddha didn’t complain. We were apart, but he held me through this great emotional journey of motherhood with love and patience. And while our son grew up a little every day, I wanted his father to see every little milestone his son covered. Thankfully, the distances are closing in now… *tries to hide the blush*

8) Shopping…and all things new

From Maternity Wear to rompers for your baby…shopping is a blessing for the soul! I have enjoyed both phases thoroughly and while our son grows up every month now, I know this is an indulgence I will savour for a lifetime now! *rubs her hand in glee* 

9) Spell out your Dreams

While a baby fills your heart and life, you will suddenly want to discover your unfinished dreams. Mine is to write my book. In these six months, I have taken the plunge and started writing. Now don’t ask me when will I finish! *hides face, again*

10) Office. Office?

Now I didn’t do this the way it was to be done. I remained connected through it all. For the first month and half before Vihaan was born, I remained connected to office and work. Even after that, I looked through mails that kept coming to my BB…gave advice, stayed a little worried about things, lost a few nights sleep…shouldn’t have done that…it’s not worth it! This remains my only regret!

I am not joining work just as yet…but my maternity leave is over. In a week’s time I will be back in Delhi, back to the rigmaroles of domesticity. This carefree life then will be just a dream…jostling work, home and a baby I will crave for this time. But like everything attached to my son and his birth, this too will be a happy memory…


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