Weighty Issues & The Curious Case of Bizarre Dreams!

I’ve battled weighty issues for long now. So when the doc told me that my unexpected conception was due to a measured and healthy weight loss, I didn’t know what to make of it!! Surprisingly the maternity girth has had nearly no effect on me!! I read about the ‘tyre-around-the-tummy’ nightmares, my dreams however have been of a very curious kind! Anyways, now that the doc says that I’ve surpassed the normal weight gain mark and there’s a (minor) sense of worry that the pointer hasn’t tilted to its right in the last 2 weeks, I am not yet alarmed! Googly seems to be ‘mumma’s’ baby already. Having shifted down to the normal birth position, the baby’s moved head up again! Mummy’s girth is still expanding, but looks like there is very little room to move down again…I too was nudged under my mom’s heart and had over stayed in her womb for a week. I happened to be the first C-section baby in the entire family!! Looks like Baby Googly is following mommy’s steps…

Meanwhile Googly is punching, kicking, twisting and shifting with great enthusiasm. It’s been raining in Jamshedpur everyday since I’ve come, last week however we had two nights of thunderstorms and heavy rains. The lightening and clap was loud enough to wake all of us at home, including baby Googly. Poor thing was petrified!! It was quite a task to put the little one back to sleep…in the tummy all right, but the wet nest had a little Tsnumai that night.

I’ve had my share of Baby Showers. Two, in fact. Both moms have been eager to feed me the goodies and well, did I enjoy them or what!? Being the cynosure has its thrill, the gifts, the food and decking up for a day of festivity was all good! Baby Shower in the 9th month is there for a reason…now I see why! The only thing that pinched me was the absence of the father. I missed Aniruddha, and Googly missed him too.

The curious case of bizarre dreams have taken on a whole new dimension in this last month! Here is what I dreamt on the day of my 2nd baby shower. I see that I sleep on my bed at night and wake up in the hospital in the morning. I don’t have a birth story because I don’t remember anything of the delivery that happens during the night!! Anyways, when I wake up in the morning I see my entire ‘khandaan’ in my room. Everyone is huddled around a crib that is kept at a distance from my bed. Inside the crib I see a maroon bundle that is kicking its feet. I ask everyone to bring the baby to me because I have not since her face. Yes, everyone tells me its a girl with pink lips, chubby cheeks and bright eyes…but I can’t trust any of it because I haven’t seen the baby! My mom tells me to shut up and rest, ‘you have your entire lifetime to see the baby’s face’, she says. The new father is doting beside his child’s bedside and has not bothered to listen to me either. The nurses move about as if deaf! And the doctor who comes for a check up too has no tongue in his mouth!! Anyways, no one hears me, no one says anything, except that I must have my rest! The whole day passes hence and I’m left without a glimpse of my child. When night falls and I’m alone in the room, I get up from my bed and with the catheter in hand walk towards the crib. But that’s not enough…the crib is way too high for me to see the baby’s face!! I stand on my toes, look on with longing eyes…but the baby’s face is hidden from me…disheartened and sad, I wake up to realise that I am still at home and on the same bed on which I had gone to sleep.

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