Round Three

So this is it! The third trimester that promises to be nothing less than Round 3 of a boxing game. I am happily rounding up, my pictures will show you a well rounded face, a bump that is bulging and making its presence felt and a body that is slowly slowing down. I am what you would describe, an active person who is inherently is super lazy…give me a task and I’d be happy to do it, except that I decide when it ought to be done! My five minute to one hour snooze is precious, I am happy let go of my dusting chores (if I have any) for a good book…and on some days the happiest person in the house to order out! This third trimester is now slowing me down…a little every day, but that’s okay. 

What’s not is that is that I have messed up my emotional balance. The smallest of provocation and the hidden tears well up in my eyes, they roll down easily, leaving me with a red face and a sore head. More often than not, the stimulus is not worthy of a tear…but then there are also those times that instead of handling the issue like a mature adult I have burst out in tears and in full grown public view sometimes! Take for instance, a street fight I got into because of an everyday non-issue like parking. I had an altercation with a guard, then the owner of a house and one irate comment later I was trembling with anger and hate. I walked away, bought the milk at the booth and burst out in tears the moment Aniruddha came. 

The work load is cracking me up and having to hear unpleasant things at this hour is certainly not helping. Television is not for the weak minded…and the little bun inside is leaving me quite worked up already. I am not the kind who gets flustered at the slightest provocation, or cannot handle pressure, but if someone wants to add more kilos just for the heck of it, I can’t take it…at least not now! And really, I don’t want to. I don’t want to push my bump around in a place where it doesn’t’s a waste of my time and insult to my ego!! Like Aniruddha says, ‘Don’t let unimportant people make you feel they are important in your life. Take a job as a job and finish it without a sweat (or tear)!’ Thank God, for a husband like him, I get to keep my sanity at home! By the way, did I tell you, he’s learnt how to operate the washing machine?? 🙂 He knows how to make his bumped up wife happy!! 

Apart from the cribbing session, there is of course an adorable story to tell about Googly. Last week, an Army Officer was narrating to me an operation that he commanded. So while he filled me up with details of how and where he was standing, where the bad guy was and how he was gunned down, I was left with goose bumps all over…but more than that…it was baby Googly who was hyper active throughout the narration. Googly punched, kicked and twisted for effect…as if she/ he was watching an action film! Anyways…this is the kind of action that I’d rather keep my baby away from…at least for as long as I can…

One thought on “Round Three

  1. Oooh that’s really interesting.. so he/she enjoys action. .. great. Those first few kicks leave you with such a wonderful feeling.. isn’t it? Touchwood for the wonderful Husband. Everytime someone upsets you just think of your Googly and you’ll feel better. Hugs.

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