The Migration is Complete!

Okay, a lot many things have been achieved overnight! I managed to move my blog (musingsofaworkaholic) to a new address that is more distinct and has bears some semblance to the author of these posts. I have also managed (and it was such a task, really) to import all my writing to one place. Like I said, I have attempted blogging before and have failed miserably at each attempt! I would start a new blog in all earnestness and then abandon it midway…so I have tried to make up for all that and I have brought all my writing to one place!

‘Baby Talk’ will continue at though. So drop by whenever you have the time or are in the need for a heart melt! 😀

Feel free to go through this blog all over again…you can read my old posts under the category Post Re-post! Some of them are about 3 years old, yes that’s how old my blogging enterprise is! I hope I can safely say that I have moved out of my Gestation period, as long as my writing goes! :p

Happy Reading… 🙂




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