Big B, Junior B…Wanna B??

So the world’s prettiest woman is expecting her first child! She happens to be an Indian actress is one thing…but that she belongs to the most celebrated family of the Hindi film industry is quite another! I wonder who started the Abhi-Ash baby jokes on Twitter anyway! But then, why wouldn’t Twitter-verse be whispering? Bachchan Senior chose to break the news on the micro blogging site…at a time when he’s just about gathering steam for the promotion of his next film! He could have changed the fortunes of some poor news hound with this piece of incredible breaking news?? A particular film journalist did mention this…the poor thing missed out on what he called a ‘World Exclusive’! My heart bled for him…the man even has a picture of himself and Aishwarya as his Twitter Avatar! Anyways, Big B clearly doesn’t have any favourites in the business of news. But what is really baffling is Junior’s silence!! While the whole world is gushing over the baby that has not yet arrived…the father is quietly counting the wishes somewhere…or perhaps he has his ears plugged with the latest Rihanna number!

Being in star baby is no mean task! Look at Suri Cruise and the fashion diva that she has turned into! I am not surprised really…she was the talk of town even before she was born, or rather when she was just conceived! Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes took on new roles over night, and the one baby that the world was waiting for was little Suri! And she was a cherub really…going by the baby pictures that the newbie parents sold for millions! The spotlight before a star baby is born is nothing alien. You could almost replicate the anticipation for the baby with Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. Both kids are barely 5 years old and the paparazzi is willing to pay millions for their pictures!

Now if there is any other star kid that can be India’s version of Suri or Shiloh, it has to be a baby born with the Bachchan surname! Now it doesn’t get bigger, right? Considering even Rahul (baba) Gandhi refuses to grow up after 41 years of existence…being a star kid has its own perks! Now I know why Indians are so obsessed with the classic question…“tujhe pata hai mera baap kaun hai?”

A woman who is expecting her baby in November, simply cannot not know that she is pregnant until June! So while a poor director went all out to announce a film with her, and she started shooting for it, it takes me by a thunderous surprise that the actress didn’t know that she would be unable to complete the film?? Apart from Aishwarya’s plain and silly unprofessional behaviour, I have nothing new to add! Except, that I hope the baby doesn’t grow up to be a ‘Wanna B’! Being born to a Bachchan has its own pitfalls! Poor Abhishek is still reeling from them. While I hope Ash has a beautiful pregnancy ahead, I hope the family has enough sense to let the child grow up away from the limelight! And besides, I hope the media finds something new to report than update the medical bulletin on Aishwarya’s pregnancy! I trust my fellow species to spin their tales around this one story for a while now!

A dear friend and eminent film journalist congratulated me on my pregnancy…saying that I almost coincide with Ash! Besides updating my maternity journal, I also announced my own pregnancy on FB! I was hoping someone would ask me why I timed it like that…perhaps I was jealous that Ash’s pregnancy would take over mine! I can’t put my finger on it yet…but I can’t ignore the desire to write this piece either! This is perhaps what they call from one expectant mother to another…!


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