Dhobi Ghat: My 'unseen' movie review!!

Now it’s a crime to do this!! And quite a Chuck Norris / Rajnikanth stunt to write a review without watching a film!! I’ve never attempted it before…and like my first day behind the wheel of a car, I’m gingerly excited to pull it off…

As of now, at the time of writing this post, I must declare that I haven’t watched Dhobi Ghat…and I just may sneak out sometime to watch it tomorrow evening.

At the onset…I judged the film and Kiran Rao when rushes of its making came out a few weeks back. Shots of Aamir crying while reading the script were enough to certify that the actor/producer in the husband was convinced that his once-upon-a-time-AD turned wife has the trappings of a magnificent story teller! Without watching the film I won’t take a stand on that…but Aamir’s tears weren’t really convincing! The promos made it clear that the film was based on Bombay which I am certain would be carefully called Mumbai!! After all, the producer HAD to be careful about the regional watch dogs…he obviously didn’t care too much about being labelled racist and forced to change the name of his film like SRK!! Didn’t he apologise to the washermen of India…the master marketeer that he is, I wouldn’t be surprised if he convinced them by saying that the title of the film really meant that the ‘dhobis’ were the real heroes of the film!! Now that the film has released, I hope I get my answer…WHY is it called Dhobi Ghat??

I am NOT a resident of this city…but there is something in Bombay that makes me happy! I feel alive when I am here…even when I come with truckloads of work!! I have seen the sweltering heat, the raging monsoons and the mild comforting winters…the most industrious lot of people live in this city…some of my BFFs belong to Bombay…I feel as much at home here than Delhi or Jamshedpur, where I grew up! It’s a strange romanticised emotion that I have for this city…if I were to make a film driven by my love for Bombay, I am certain I would scrape some true stories. If Kiran has done this…then she is just being honest!

There is also a curiosity factor to this film…first for the Aamir-Kiran partnership, the couple had a secret, media shy wedding in Panchagani…we really wanted to see their joint venture! And suddenly with the film in its promotional stage sometime back, the newspapers were flooded with stories about the couple! Kiran was asked how it is to direct her husband and Aamir, why he chose to act and produce a debutant’s film? Now…that’s a reduntant question to me!! But it’s all so well timed…Imran’s wedding where uncle-aunt played hosts, then the release of the film itself and the launch of ‘Delhi Belly’ with nephew Imran in the lead!! It seems all so well choreographed to me…

The second thing that pulls me to the film is Prateik Babbar!! I just loved the actor in JTYJN…and over the last 2 years all that one has known about him is that he is doing this film!! I had a nagging feeling that Aamir had kept the boy behind closed doors…barred him from over exposing himself and surely not speaking to the press!!! I will watch the film ONLY for him…he’s the one playing the dhobi na?

I loved the poster of the film…the film’s music promises to be a winner…the duration, suits me perfectly…for the plot and its execution and my take on it, there will be another post soon!!!

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One thought on “Dhobi Ghat: My 'unseen' movie review!!

  1. The first time I visited Dhobi Ghat was over 6 years ago, and was treated by a dhobi to nationalistic poetry from a notebook and a hindi magazine I had never heard of while all around him rested in the noon break. I sat in the shade listening to him, a surreal experience in a way considering the setting.

    Now I’m curious of the film. But it’s hard to not go in without the context of the earlier visit.

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