Band Baaja Baraat…Oye!!

There is something about watching a film alone. If you haven’t tried it, then you must. Popcorn, steaming coffee, legs curled up and with no one to share hushed comments with, Band Baaja Baraat was my fifth lonesome viewing in a cinema hall! Now I could have dragged someone to watch the film with me…but there was a slight ego tussle in this one! I for once had noisily rubbished the first rushes of fab reviews that this film got! At a time when we were all hooked to the infamous 2G tapes, I felt this was a case of paid reviews! I despised the look of the unsavory Ranveer Singh…how many Ranveer’s does the industry need anyway?? I particularly frowned at the way he said “Shit bhi bolti hai to lagta hai FM baj raha hai!!”…*silly, I thought!*

But then too many favourable tweets and FB statuses made me want to risk my money on this one! And this one after a disaster of a film called ‘Tees Maar Khan’…in this case the reviews were true, but most of twitterverse was abuzz with how the film was doing well and was praised all around! I suffered the disaster knowing the ends, so then why not BBB?

Full Delhi-Chaap!

So there was an ego that was hurt and watching it alone was the only way I could have recovered from it! By now of course everyone knows about the film…so another delayed review, so late in the day is useless!! But since I have taken the pains of starting a post on the film, let me try and give my review a spin…

Band Baaja Baraat is quintessentially a ‘Dilli’ film…not Delhi or New Delhi…’Dilli’! Having spent 10 years and one-third of my life in this city, I won’t say I am a ‘Dilli-waali’, I’m still the small town girl who has grown up in the big city. But the smells, styles, culture of this huge melting pot which happens to be the capital of the country hasn’t escaped me! There are certain traits and mannerisms that people of this city exhibit…stuff that you will find only in here, idiosyncrasies, quirks and flavors that are truly unique!

The run-away boys!

Look around you in Delhi and you’ll see plenty Bittoo Sharmas around. Mostly from UP, Bihar, Rajasthan and of course Rajasthan who come to the city to study only because they don’t want to till the soil, or join their father’s shop, or take over the father’s government job! Mostly escapists who have no idea about what they want to do in life, but the complete idea that they are not meant for what their fathers want them to do!! 10 years back, when I came to Delhi with a mark sheet and joined LSR, I realised that there are some colleges that we should not even look at! The ones that I remember clearly…Aurobindo College, Deshbandhu (I saw many of them, I lived just down the road!!) and Dyal Singh! And one had to be very careful about the boys from KMC (Kirorimal) and Ramjas…you had to make sure they were in the right courses!! Typically the boys were pure ruffians, loud mouthed, uncouth, un-kept hair and beards, un-ironed clothes, royal flirts (mostly harmless) and totally avoidable! Amongst them were the Bittoo Sharmas…the exterior was a show, and deep inside they were lovable. The kinds who could shed their bad-boy image and become the simpleton from the towns they came from. A one night stand is what they feel guilty because it means they have broken a promise of not mixing ‘bin-ness’ with matters of the heart! And they are exactly the kind of boys, you’d fall in love with for not knowing which way their heart beats! Someone told me that Ranveer is a thoroughbred South-Mumbai boy…and with just that his attempt at getting into the character of a typical Delhi boy is worth a standing ovation! But I would still not go to the extent of adding all the stars on his shoulders…I’d rather visit him when he plays out at the screen a second time to judge his true potential. But yes, I will have to accept that Ranveer Singh with his debut in Band Baaja Baraat has made me change my mind about him!

The Dilli ki Kudi!

Shruti Kakkar is as Delhi-ite as one can get. This is a special kind that you will only find in this city…girls who have ambitions that come with an expiry date! They know that they have a shelf life in the outside world, after which they have to resign their lives to the men they marry, cook and clean the house, have a brood of noisy children and grow old with widening waist lines! The great Indian middle class, typically in Delhi has many of these. Little surprise then is that she chooses to be a wedding planner; after all that’s the one field in which Indian women have ample experience! The Delhi girl follows her dil, if it instructs her to make herself a business woman, she will, if it makes her fall in love, she will…and if it instructs her to harden her nerves, she will also do that! Her middle class morality doesn’t make her hide her face in shame after a one night stand…though in this case it made me feel that she fell in love after that one night stand!! Maneesh Sharma and Habib Faisal, you have to clarify this for me…one word about her wardrobe, I was taken back to my college days, its been a while since I wore a dupatta with jeans and t-shirt…a fashion statement that my parents in Jamshedpur failed to understand!! Anushka Sharma, despite her sparkling debut opposite SRK was completely passable, Badmaash Company was bearable…but it is truly Band Baaja Baraat in which she came out in her true colours! Well done, and keep it rolling…


I didn’t know that the writer (Habib Faisal) and director (Maneesh Sharma) are from Delhi. But you HAVE to be a Delhi-ite to present the story of this city! The quirks of the middle class families, their obsession with weddings, the need to get their daughters married, and the pride of seeing them buy their first car! The other-Delhi is also pat on…where exhibitionism finds a whole new definition. The fanciest wheels, the designer clothes, the orchids and not carnations for decoration, their most precious status and the need to make a statement with every wedding in the family! You have to witness the snobbery to believe it…

In all of the above, the real winner in Band Baaja Baraat is its script and realistic story telling. If you are in Delhi and step out at this time of the year, this is exactly what you will see. I loved the idea of picking up wedding planners as subjects, an industry in itself now, they are much in demand! While I enjoyed the first half of the film, the second half became a tad too slow…I mean, I expected Shruti Kakkar to slap the guy and express her feelings for him (more because I wasn’t sure when and how did they germinate in her)! The tussle between the two was funny in parts, but then it was tiresome after a point and I was waiting for the perfect filmy ending, when they’d kiss and make up!

I am an easy to please viewer…a good story that I can relate to is what I like the most! I had missed Do Dooni Chaar (Faisal’s directorial debut), but yesterday’s tele-view made me really cringe, I should have gone to the theatres when it was playing. Thoroughly enjoyable, and a brilliant come back for Neetu Kapoor, DDC made me really want to finish this post pronto! The great Indian middle is back in Hindi Cinema, and what a delectable subject it makes…



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