New Toy!!

I like to call myself the most non-materialistic woman! And really I am not the kinds who has confessions of being a shopaholic! I don’t crave for stones, neither for metal, and definately not clothes! Shoes and bags are important to me but of late even they have fallen into the category of ‘buy when you need them’…and yes books remain an all time fetish, I can’t enter a book shop without picking up at least 3 books!!! But I’ve also tried to restrain that urge since I’ve got too many books pending on my shelf! I don’t crib about shopping either, like I’d want to buy a certain thing just because it looks nice…or that I may have a future need of it!

But then something snapped inside me…and I was having dreams about it…watching every next person with that which I so secretly wanted! I’ve had it before, but then that was a bad choice I made and lost some precious notes on it!And I was happy to give it up!

The object of my desire is a BlackBerry phone!! Childish you may say…but then you have to hear the story of my obsession to know why its such a big deal!

There was a time (read: the first 2 years of my earning life) when every new phone in the market was a must ‘check-out’ for me. And the mid 2000’s was really the phase when all mobile manufacturing was making successive launches to increase the number of choices. So from Nokia 3315 in 2005 to a Nokia N72 in 2007 and some of the best models in between were all bought! It wasn’t a fixation for new technology, rather I’d say it was more for exploring new models…look wise, better cameras, and yes the thrill of having the latest!! I think over a period of 2-2 1/2 years I changed over 6 phones…and to be honest the fixation had died out when I realised that I’ve seen it all! I was happy with a Nokia 6220…and I then it was the lazy bone in me that didn’t want to move contacts anymore.

My tryst with BlackBerry began last year when I again made a sorry investment! Or rather I pouted enough before the husband for him to buy me my choice for my birthday! My lack of technological knowledge was a complete disaster…almost 6 months of dealing with a third grade service provider and a handset that I threw in anger and then repaired for a bomb was all in vain!! But then while it lasted, it was enough to have me hooked unto it…

I was happy to give it up…and didn’t even think about getting a new one immediately…but then perhaps in a conversation somewhere the desire to own a BB germinated! I ignored it and let it pass…but the thought…crawled right back…again and again! And then I started following the people with BBs…when someone asked for a BB charger, the thought came back…when someone shared BB pins before me, it came back again! When friends posted BB albums…there it was again!!! I was restless…just before this I was on HTC TyTn…a brilliant handset! With BB Connect I was mailing on the go…but I couldn’t get my mind off that which I really wanted!!

At the face of it buying a BB isn’t a tough decision. But the wife in me made me ask myself the tough question…should I really splurge when I could pay a month’s rent with this money??

The answer was a deafening YES!!!

I never realised there would be something…a material, a thing, a product that I’ll have sleepless nights about!! For all my past acquisitions, Aniruddha has always been my loving companion…and many times been the instigator! This is the first time I went and bought a phone alone…at a time when he was on a flight! But I left him one last message…asking him to rethink the decision! In my heart I knew he wouldn’t refuse…but then again, this mad mad obsession was beyond my comprehension and still is…

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