Too Much…Too Soon!!

Oh so much has been on my plate, and I’ve not had the time to breathe! So that explains the neglect for this little self publishing project that I have resolved very dearly to keep up! *Sigh* It’s the month end and I have just about 9 posts, discounting the 3 pending drafts! So will that count as good?? Hmmm…

Anyways, here is what has kept me on my toes:

1) Work – as Usual! I wrote about Anand Bakshi didn’t I? Two back to back episodes on Total Recall and a crash course  on Ayodhya that got shelved due to deferment…and now I am neck down in more intense work…an episode on the ageless songstress, Lata Mangeshkar! Which I really must admit, isn’t all that bad! 😀

2) Tushki is back – Our neice is back from her little holiday to her grandparents house, and so both Aniruddha and I are looking for ways to spend time with her. In one week, we met 4 times…just can’t get enough of her! 😀

3) The Dream Home Tales – And yes, we finalised the paper work for the Home Loan…spent 3 hours at the bank yesterday for a 20 minute job! I suddenly feel all grown up, and very very responsible! But I know, our lives will change in the next few years…too many thoughts and feelings in my heart and mind, I hope to start a new category dedicated to my musings about the Dream Home!

4) Handling the Superwoman Tag – Between all of this, I am struggling hard to handle the superwoman in me! At times, I want to drop my defenses…but then I have to agree that I really enjoy it at times! Narcissist, you may think…well, what can I say!

So all this coming up soon on the blog…have to go now!! Ciao!!


9 thoughts on “Too Much…Too Soon!!

  1. Superwoman you are…definitely. Cannot be easy juggling so many things together. I would have never had the stamina. Good news about the house. Where is it? When do you shift? And tell me which photograph you want framed for the house. I will send it through my brother in November. Of course, if you don’t want any photograph, then let me make something for you. Poster, etc. I am just happy that you are buying a house. 🙂

    • @ Nupur – You are a darling!!! I went through your Calcutta pics and there so many more that I want to frame!! The house is 2 1/2 years away, so really there is no rush! Of course, if I get my hands on any before that, I’ll find a place for it on my nearly empty walls anyway!! 😀

      ‘The Superwoman Tag’ is fun at times, coz that ups my sense of self belief and endurance, but then I must accept that there are times when I’ve wanted to put my feet up in the air! The battle is a constant one, and yes I do weep and laugh along the way! 🙂 Like I said, more musings on this subject sometime soon…

  2. hey ritz …. aka gudia … u are a super woman …. good write up …. makes me sit up and compare what i am doing in life ….. got the wheels moving in my head 🙂

  3. Yes, it is really not easy to juggle with so many things at the same time. And to gather all the strength to be a superwoman isnt easy at all. happy to hear about your dream home… :))

    • @ Sonika – You are also quite the ‘Superwoman’ Gal! Handling a bundle and work is not easy…and I so so dread the day whenever it comes for me! Will look forward to tips from you…and thank you for wishes!! 😀

  4. superwoman…ritu…thats an understatement..we are ten armed godess’s who cook clean croon cry complete work heal wounds talk on phones live life in jeans love the smell of cinnamon and burberry pray to Carrie Bradshaw for advice and amid all this..look simply stunning !!!

    • @ Sulagna – You are the wittiest of the lot!! 😉 The description isn’t really like me, but yes if we talk about the aspirational persona in me, Carrie Bradshaw would be what I am in my dreams! 😉 Here’s to the spirit of the Superwoman! It’s a sweet poison, we all should know where to draw the line, and how!

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