The Week That Will Be…

20th Sept ’10

a difficult one…work wise yes, but hopefully it will end at a good note. My official week starts on a Monday which is today, but a calender week really begins on Sundays. The weather yesterday by far was the most perfect this entire season (I think it rained last Sunday too, but there was the wind factor yesterday). So I took the opportunity to roll up the chicks in my drawing room, opened the windows to see the rain pitter-patter on the ledge and bring in the lovely monsoon wind. For a long time, we sat without fans…sipping coffee over a good long chat. There was no newspaper to be read, perhaps the delivery boy gave it a skip in the rains! And the TV was also willingly rested…unless of course at 11:30 am!

The leisurely peace was smashed with a tweet from a colleague, about the firing at Jama Masjid. So quite naturally the television was put into action promptly!

(And this is where I had to leave the post unfinished because a script beckoned my attention!)

21st Sept ’10

I had made a silent promise to myself that I won’t let pressures of work and domesticity sabotage my refreshed blogging plans! But yesterday was a classic example of a day when the ‘workaholic’ took over! Before I go on to explain what exactly happened yesterday, let me complete the story from Sunday…

So, the TV came on and the Jama Masjid shoot out held our attention. For once, and surprisingly too, we were not on the story! Instead, we kept our commitment to the FPC and played Total Recall Greatest Hits! A spectacular show like the Chitrahaar of the golden Doordarshan Days, this was the episode on ‘Road Songs’! I hope our viewers stayed hooked to the show and not swapped channels like I did! Yes, I did! For the want of a breaking news story, I moved to CNN-IBN! (I hope my Boss isn’t reading this!) Lekin kare bhi to kya? And the news wasn’t anything that assured me. Random firing on Taiwanese nationals out to see old Delhi on a rainy Sunday morning…but the fine print was that it was two weeks before the Commonwealth Games! That was scary! Corruption, rains, disease and NOW terror! That’s the first thought that raced through my mind! If only India had the nerve to cancel the Games this year! But then I thought, cancelling the Games wouldn’t be good enough! It would mean a surrender to the country’s inadequacy in hosting a world event, plus a year long fatigue to the Games for the residents of the Capital! Sometimes I feel that we are so good as commentators, aren’t we? We all have our own fancy judgements to make, we love to play the blame-game and then sit back to crib about the state of the nation! Anyways…all news channel, except ours talked about the story! I am surprised that for once our over-zealous news desk didn’t cut into the show! Or, I fancied with the thought that viewers tuning in for an update on the breaking news would be happy to find respite in black & white melodies from the yesteryears! The day progressed to more burning news…as a car went up in flames near the shoot out site, hours later! Until then I was convinced that the shoot out was simply a ploy to sabotage the Games and scare the already reluctant Games delegation to quit the Indian soujourn! When the ‘IM’ news came in, I knew I was so so right!! After all, a news channel has taught me a few things!

As the day progressed, I read about a hundred pages from my book, cooked Chicken Stew with many veges (Yum!!), had a long warm shower (thanks to the cold rainy weather) and then went out in the evening for my weekly vege shopping. This is when the day turned ugly again!! My sister in law was coming home for dinner with her little one. Little Tushki or Snigdha as she will be called by the world, was born 5 months back on 19th June! And I, of all people related to her was to witness her being born! That is a different story, something that I will remember all my life…but just to tell you, that I was the first one to see Tushki, before even her parents…and that is a moment when I fell in love with her! Someday, I will tell you the story of seeing a child being delivered! Anyway, I went in to buy a cake for her, because Aniruddha and I were seeing her after 3 months…and that’s when tragedy struck! The clumsy soul that I am banged my head on a granite slab…for good 30 seconds (or maybe more) my world reeled before my eyes! I blacked out for about 10 seconds and almost threw up by the impact! Thankfully, all this lasted a minute and I didn’t collapse! I paid for the cake, collected it and made my way out!

(6:00 pm: Work beckons me again…so I’ll be back!)
(7:00pm – Back at the desk!)
So the rest of the evening I nursed a soar forehead, cooked mutton and entertained guests. Thankfully, Aniruddha popped in a pain killer in my mouth and the rest of it was a little bearable! And again, the night closed at the same point at which it started, with another tweet announcing Marykom’s new found title! I was happy with her punch!
I guess some days leave you feeling like a Yo-Yo!
(My dashboard is playing truant and suddenly I can’t straighten my text anymore…please pardon the miscreant technology!)

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