Fresh from the Oven!

What do girl friends do best? Chat? Gossip? Talk nonsense…share their secrets, moments of deepest fear and have a good laugh about everything under the sun? Well…it was a surprise call from Sonal that lifted my spirits. I love the warmth in her voice, her cheer and spirit that which I have missed for a long time now. And today after six months that same bright voice made me smile once again!

Sonal Nag…welcome back!! 🙂

Okay…so what did we talk? We started off talking about our mutual fear of dogs…all breeds, all sizes, all colours…basically the species of canine created on this planet. While my fear for these vicious four-legged creatures goes back to the memory of having broken my arm because of an over-enthusiastic dog, Sonal’s is because she is convinced that she was a pole in her previous birth!!! Poor she…her look and body language has always managed to scare away poor Tuffy (Amrita’s Dog), while one shout from me had always convinced him that his species didn’t warrant my affection. Looking back at it, now I realise Amrita must have had to make a tough choice…between the love for her beloved Tuffy and us!! I am glad, she never made her choice public!!!

Next topic in line was about Priyanka Chopra…yes, two semi-senile giggling girls analysing Piggy Chops! It’s been a while since we shared our notes, so it was refreshing to learn that in typical Sonal-style, she doesn’t approve of her wardrobe these days! Why? Because she has started to shed them. I, like usual, don’t disapprove of that…coz Piggy Chops has the bod to flaunt! Quite naturally, the topic veered towards Khatron Ke Khiladi x 3…and we learned, seasoned television viewers had our opinion too! And before I share that here, let me put it straight that this point of view came from Sonal and not me! In my view, Akki’s version of Fear Factor worked better…coz though I am straight and happily married, its more fun to see glamorous women, shed their makeup and display their daring spirit! Anyways, I personally feel that some of the tasks on KKK are designed to test the Yuck Factor in a person and not the Fear!! But that is another thing…coming back, women challenging their fears is far more engaging television than a group of so-called-macho men chickening out of the simplest tasks! So, we like teenage girls, shared our disappointment talking about Milind Soman crashing out in the first episode…*sigh*! Moving on, it was this crackling insight that I didn’t think of and that explained our dislike for KKK3…Sonal said, “Women are more open to dares, coz they are always conscious of being dumbed down! They have to always face up to challenges and so no task is difficult enough for them to refuse!!” Perfect?? Coming from Sonal, I know it is…

And then we moved to how a women has to master her driving skills to beat the antipathy from male drivers! Aha…! Another dialogue that I added some spice to by talking about my cat fight with a woman driver in the market! Imbecile, completely senile woman who screeched and screamed in the middle of the road! Anyways, as I narrated the incident word for word, Sonal gobbled it up with glee! I could picture her laughing at each word!!

Well…and just then came my husband called to say that his evening with friends was over and he was on his way home! What time would I be home? And why was my phone busy?? I am talking to SONAL!!!! What does she say??? Well…we are talking…later!! I hung up on him! And with that, Sonal briefly checked on why was I in office on Friday evening…a light banter about weekend pressures…followed which we girlies decided to call it a day…! Suddenly I was brought back to the present day, realising that with her I had rewound times to our days of seldom useful – mostly worthless chat sessions! I hung up smiling and she carried on to call up another friend whose day she’d brighten up!

Here’s to many more nonsense chats…Sonal Nag, I love you!!! 🙂


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