Refreshed Beginnings…

Okay…so here I am beginning refreshing a pet project that I had abandoned quite sometime back! Of writing…sense -nonsense, fact-fiction, engaging – boring, private – public, cliched – imaginative, perfect – flawed, regular – irregular content on something that the world calls a blog!!!

The last time I embarked on this ambitious project it was 2008, sometime around this time of the year, when I didn’t have the facility of wi-fi and an updated computer at my disposal. A time when I was bored to death and wanted a new hobby. A time when I was entertaining my Maasi in the city and trying to sneak out time to play the tourist guide! At a time when my boyfriend was back in Delhi after a 3 month sojourn in Mumbai (something that delighted me!) and was looking for a new job (this left me anxious)!! Anyways, what I started then was something that was on pure whim with no real objective of a destination! Here is what I did then…for those who read it from time to time I make another of those promises, I’ll find something to write every other day. I won’t promise long, winded posts, but I’ll just write my observations…for I have decided to write about all that I see but don’t ponder upon. Things which I enjoy but rarely indulge in. Moments that I’d like to share and crib about.

I am contemplating on whether to give a link to my old blog. Will that be inauspicious? I don’t care much of that…if this sizzles away too then guess what? I’ll start another project…! Okay…so here is what it looked it… On the blog list you’ll find another blog that I ambitiously started on all that I watch on television. I just managed to write a little beyond the opening post. Browsing through it now I think it has a catchy template…anyways, that’s all that it has to offer!!

Will this last longer???


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