Big Boss!

Season 2 started with a lot of fanfare…for starters, it was Shilpa Shetty’s debut in Indian Television (considering she has already debuted in the UK version of the game), so it had to get a lot of eyeballs. The promos promised a more vigilant Big Boss whose omnipresent eyes wouldn’t spare anyone. The day when the guests were revealed, everyone gasped at the eclectic mix of the inmates.

Ketaki Dave – of ‘ar-ra-ra-ra’ fame

Zulfi – model-turned-actor

Monica Bedi – Abu Salem’s moll, out on bail and trying to revive her cine career

Ehsaan Qureshi – the man who sings his jokes

Payal Rohatgi – item girl turned struggling actress in Bollywood

Rahul Mahajan – the son of a murdered BJP leader, accused of drug abuse, a recent divorcee, looking towards cleaning his image

Sambhavna – item girl in Bhojpuri cinema. A replacement for Ravi Kishen, I am not sure whether she would survive till the end

Ashutosh – the winner of MTV Roadies, this guy knows how to play a game!

 Raja – accused of domestic violence, he is out to cleanse his image on national television

Rakhi – once called ‘Sweety’ in Zee TV’s hit comedy Hum Paanch, she could now we called ‘Pinky’

Sanjay Nirupam – A Congress-man who is out to improve the image of politicians in the country

Elina – a no one really, she is in for dont know what!

Debojit – a singer who revolutionalised the voting system, will he get votes to stay in the house?

 Jade Goody – a veteran when it comes to television, Jade was the vamp during Shilpa Shetty’s stay in the house of Big Brother. She is out to clear her image of being a racist

Season 2 started with a great promise. Most of the inmates came with a controversial history behind them. The first piece of drama unfolded in the first week itself when Jade had to leave the house on account of being diagnosed with cervical cancer. Just today I saw a report in television in which Jade accused the makers of Big Boss of sensationalising her discovery of the cancer. She says that she had preferred to keep it to herself, but Big Boss wanted her to share it with the inmates…bizarre!

Some days back, I read an artcile which said that reality television is not the best deal for people with a disturbed past. The three people mentioned in the article were Monica, Raja and Rahul – all who are struggling with their tainted past. Living in close  quarters with people completely unknown to you, being under the watchful eye of an invisible boss, having to do household chores that one wouldn’t have done otherwise…life in a reality show is never easy. It’s also one of the most vulnerable plains where one’s basest instincts can come to fore.

We all have two sides to our personas. One that is for public view and the other that we try to supress all our lives. A reality show is the perfect breeding for our hidden persona to be revealed. Ravi Kishen faced it in the last season. As a Bhojpuri cinestar, he was revered by his fans and also called the Amitabh Bahchchan of the regional film industry. But during the course of the show, the will to survive and the desire to win the game, took over him. He was swamped by his own emotions and when he came face to face with his inner persona, he broke down. Fear set in that he wouldn’t be accepted back in his film community…but nothing of the sort happened. His tears made for good television, and once he was out of the house, he survived!

There are many watchful eyes on the show. The audience is on the lookout for Monica revealing her dynamic past with the gangster, Rahul romancing Payal and Monica and Sambhavana ‘s histrionics. There is something for everyone! 

A word about the tasks that the inmates are supposed to do. The first week’s tasks of being handcuffed with a partner and sleeping in terms was a little harsh for me. Sleep deprivation is something that doesn’t really amount to anything! Also being tied to one person is interesting no doubt, but there is always the fear of  personal hygiene coming in the way of things! None of the house members took the task seriously – a revolt in the first week of stay! Big Boss didn’t take it lightly and gave the members a diminised weekly budget. The second week task was more interesting! With Janmasthami being the flavor of the season, Big Boss asked the inmates to play Gopi-Kishen! Rahul played Kishen with elan, with Payal played Radha…the rest of the women in the house played gopis happily. Watching them dance around Rahul was fun! This week’s task is the best so far…the house is turned into a mini parliament. Yesterday, Big Boss asked the members to form a government in the house. While none of the members were willing to nominate themselves, it was Sambhavana and Raja who stood for elections. The campaign managers for the two (Rahul and Ehsaan respectively) tried to garner votes in their own ways…a couple of speeches were made, and Raja won the election hands down! The rest of the week, it would be a game to watch out for…while Raja has been asked to take care of the health and cleanliness in the house, he is also to look after the needs of the inmates. By the middle of the week, he is supposed to name a person for eviction, while he rests secured for the week. Samabhavana on the other hand has been made the Leader of the Opposition. He job is to question the tasks of the Leader of the House. If she feels that the members of the house are unhappy, she could move a Vote of No-Confidence!!!! Quite dramatic, I must say…I wish Sanjay Nirupam was  here to play his political hand at this game!


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