1. Marked by or showing lack of due thought or care; careless. See Synonyms at careless.
2. Inconsiderate; inattentive: a thoughtless remark.
3. Lacking thought: The debate turned into thoughtless bickering.


1. thoughtlessness – the quality of failing to be considerate of others
inconsiderateness, inconsiderationunkindness – lack of sympathy
tactlessness – the quality of lacking tact
bluntness – the quality of being direct and outspoken; “the bluntness of a Yorkshireman”
considerateness, thoughtfulness, consideration – kind and considerate regard for others; “he showed no consideration for her feelings”

2. thoughtlessness – the trait of not thinking carefully before acting
unthoughtfulness trait – a distinguishing feature of your personal nature
foolhardiness, recklessness, rashness – the trait of giving little thought to danger
impulsiveness – the trait of acting suddenly on impulse without reflection

Strange…!!! I never considered the negative connotations of the word thoughtless when I claimed to be one! Thank God…no one took it for its literal meaning…!

I would rather define it as:

the ability to be devoid of thoughts

NOT to be confused with – the lack of thoughts

Yes…its an ability…its a talent that is not inborn…its a talent that has to be learnt…thoughtlessness is a state that needs to be attained.


Don’t we all want to?

Why should we want to? There is always so much to think about!

Exactly for the same reason…!

Have you ever spent a quiet moment?


Have you ever longed to spend a moment when your mind is not cluttered?


How often?

Well…quite often

How often?

I think…everyday…

Why do you think it happens?

Because there is always something to think about! The mind gets tired…

Would you like to escape your thoughts?

Is it possible?

That’s being thoughtless…!

This was the debate that raged through me…am I missing out on life because of my thoughts? Have I stopped living? i realised I only think…and not act…there is no growth…no movement…only useless thoughts…





One thought leads into another…then the next one comes haunting you…there is really no escaping!

On your way to work you think over the fight you’ve had with your parents / spouse or room mate…your kid’s nagging health worries you…you get to office, your boss screams down your neck while you are rushing towards meeting the deadline…a phone call and the deadline gets preponed…the dinner with your friends who you’ve been promising to catch up with for the last 6 months goes for a toss…your colleagues bitch behind your back…after a long day as you drive back home you have a flat tyre…after a 3 hour battle in the traffic when you reach home, you’re shouted at for being late…and as you lie down to sleep, there is not wink of sleep that comes calling…you continue to think…

There is always a thought that takes over another…something that is even more worrying…more demanding…more depressing…adding more lines on the forehead….

Hey…but there are happy thoughts too…! Did I skip those…? We all do…we choose to ponder over the ones that are more depressing…

I am not talking about living in the present…there are people who have done that…there are people who do that everyday! I am talking about not letting my thoughts take me over…its a battle that I fight…of not letting things affect me…of not spending too much time over anything. So do I have thoughts? yes I do…just that I think them over and let them go…I dont repeat it over and over in my head…I dont let it bring me down…I dont let it spoil my mood…my peace of mind…

How do I do it?

I stay calm…and tell myself…’this wont affect me’! It’s a shield that I have been trying to build…it’s the raincoat that wills save me from an unannounced shower…an unexpected event that could lead to unwanted thoughts!

What do I do about happy thoughts?

I let them linger for a moment longer…but I know they will go…

The reason why I don’t call this ‘living in the present’ is because we then tend to not think of the future…I would say lets not think at all…!

How long can you sustain it?

There is no answer…I call it the bane of urban living…thoughts are meant to haunt you…disappointments are meant to hurt you…failures are meant to discourage you…but all you can do is that you can at least try to get rid of them…even if for a moment….

Is it worth a try??

I would say…try it…!


One thought on “Thoughtlessness…

  1. Yes, thoughtlessness is a trait that is being tried by some people who like you have been chased down by urban thoughts. Not that it does not exist in “non-urban” circumstances, the parameters are different. It is actually living in the present, neither in the past nor in the future. If you are being haunted by thoughts in the past, means you are living in the past, if you are planning your future means you are trying to live in the future. And in the melee of such like thoughts, past, future, I am not aware of the fourth tense, we are almost NEVER in the present which concerns are most intimate senses which we tend to ignore. Thoughlessness will get you more intimate with yourself. Total thoughtlessness is VERY tough to attain. REALLY tough. Remember when you were face to face with death! That moment is a blank. That is thoughtlessness. When you are face to face with death, “they” say that your whole life flashes in front of you. Nothing of that sort happens. You are just left with a blank. A moment devoid of any clutter, any hate, spite, love, anything. Another such moment is a focussed good orgasm. Another moment is when you driving fast on a freeway You can find moments like this which can be replicated and reenacted. Which is why we find people trying to indulge in extreme sports which give them this momentary bliss of “thoughtlessness”. Once you have experienced such a joy, it can be created mentally, this moment of bliss. And then you will start enjoying your intimate self and rediscovering the pleasures of your senses, the water flowing down your skin as you stand under the shower, flowing all the way down your body to your feet. You can “hear” this water flowing down, “see” it, “feel” the sense of water and enjoy it fully. There are a hundred examples. I can go on forever. But I guess you get the drift. Anyway, I enjoyed writing this. Thanks for sharing.

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